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Saving time and costs with tax

Various tax concessions exist that can save significant time and money, but they are often overlooked. You may want to save this article as a handy reminder to take advantage of these options whenever possible ........Click here to read more....

Working Remotely

In recent years, we have seen many businesses shift away from traditional office spaces and make the move to an open plan work environment. Whilst open plan offices have been credited with boosting collaboration, breaking down hierarchies and encouraging conversation, new research suggests that working remotely can be a great way to increase . ........ Click here to read more. ...

Residential Bright Line

The Income Tax Act 2007 has long contained provisions to tax the sale of property (or other assets) acquired with the intention of disposal. However, 'intention' is a subjective concept and has been difficult for Inland Revenue to police. Hence, the brightline test, (section CB 6A) was introduced as a means to tax profits made on property purchased and sold within a short space of time. It has been in effect for a few years and it is now worth revisiting how it works.  ...... Click here to read more....

Finicky Tiresome FBT

Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) on privately used vehicles is neither new nor rare. However, errors in FBT calculations are common due to the murky and complicated nature of the rules and principles that apply. Generally, FBT is payable when a business-owned vehicle is available for private use by an employee. The availability component of this definition is often misinterpreted; as FBT is payable when a vehicle is simply available to the employee .......Click here to read more....

New Provisional Taxpayers

Changes to the provisional tax regime, effective from the 2018 tax year, have generally been well received by taxpayers. Prior to the change, Inland Revenue charged interest from each provisional tax date if a taxpayer's actual liability exceeded their 'uplifted' amount .......Click here to read more...


GST on Land, the importance of completing GST disclosures

It is common for disagreements to arise between taxpayers and Inland Revenue on the GST treatment of land transactions, but less common for these disputes to arise between a vendor and purchaser. However, this was the case ........ Click here to read more...



Have you sent us your financial  information for the year ended 31 March 2019? 

Would you believe Christmas isn't that far away, when NZ comes to a bit of a slow down period, before we know it mid January is upon us and there isn't much time before 31 March 2020 when all tax returns have to be filed that are on our IRD agency. Therefore if you haven't yet provided us with your financial information for the year ended 31 March 2019 please could you work on getting this to us in order for us to have time to schedule, prepare and file your returns by the due date. Our 2019 Annual Checklists can be found on our website under the tab "Financial Resources" or by following this link .


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