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Team Update

We have a new team member, Jenny Lu joined us in July 2017 and Lynn Zeng is away on maternity leave.

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It's just a jump to the left....

Now that the election dust has settled and the Labour-NZ First coalition has been formed (with support from the Green Party), we take a look at possible tax policy changes.   This article is based on the tax policy changes planned by these parties that were publicised prior to the election

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Managing Risk Workshop - Do you feel like you should understand accounting and your financial statements better?

Often people start out in business because they are particularly good at doing something or find a solution to a problem, not necessarily because they want to be a company director and undertake all the other various tasks that come with running a business.  Some business owners have had no training on accounting terminology or how to read financial statements to understand them for the purpose of better decision making.  

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PAYE changes and tax simplification

Inland Revenue (IRD) have recently released proposals and published the eighth discussion document in the Making Tax Simpler series, both of which aim to reduce the cost of tax compliance and administration for NZ businesses and individuals.

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The business of immigration

New Zealand's immigration system is currently undergoing a significant overhaul, which is sure to impact many local businesses. Following the changes to Investor Category visas announced in December 2016, further changes are also proposed to the Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) visa, for implementation in August. The proposed amendments are set to ensure better outcomes for both New Zealand citizens and those who are seeking to immigrate here.

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Proof of intention

The sale and purchase of residential property is an area of focus for IRD Investigators as a result of the ongoing investment in the Property Compliance Programme. A Taxation Review Authority ('TRA') case heard in May 2017, serves as a timely reminder for all property owners to remain aware of the tax implications that can arise from residential property sales. 

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YouTube receipts

With over 400 hours of content uploaded every minute, YouTube comprises a massive entertainment platform. The site has over 1 billion monthly users, with a continual demand for quality online content across a diverse range of subjects.

Armies of users produce and upload videos, aiming to earn the most views, leading to opportunities to make money.

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