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A warm welcome to our new team members

We have two new team members, Josie Taylor joined us in November 2016 and Lynn Zeng joined us in April 2016.

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Year End Tax Planning

For most taxpayers, 31 March represents the end of the financial year. In the lead up to 'year-end' there are a number of actions that business owners may want to take to avoid missing the boat on simple tax planning opportunities.  

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Trust reforms

Trusts are a popular way of protecting property and managing assets in New Zealand. The number of trusts we have in New Zealand is unknown, but estimates put the figure between 300,000 and 500,000.

The legislation governing NZ trusts has remained unchanged for decades as it has been predominantly governed by the Trustee Act 1956. The Act has been criticised for allowing the mismanagement of trusts with no easy legal redress for beneficiaries, however this is set to change. 

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Why is Succession Planning Important?

Whether you're new to business or you've been operating for some time, odds are you put a lot of time into setting up your business.  Probably the last thing on your mind was thinking how you were going to sell your business, or pass it on to the next generation, in the future.  In fact, the best time to start succession planning, or planning to sell, is at the very beginning of the life of the business. 

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Financial Forecasting

An age old query from clients is "where did my profit go, it's not sitting in my bank account?"

The importance of cashflow and its impact on your business and the decisions made is one fundamental to its ability to grow and thrive.  Cashflow also impacts the value of your business to you as current owners and any future purchaser. 

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When is income from professional services derived?

The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) recently released a new interpretation statement discussing when income from professional services is considered to be derived, and hence becomes taxable. The statement replaces several older IRD Information Bulletin's and consolidates their view, giving greater detail and more examples.

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Tax Management NZ (TMNZ)

Tax Management NZ (TMNZ) provides an IRD-approved service that gives small businesses greater flexibility to do tax on their terms by letting them choose how and when they make their income tax payments. 

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