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This is a reminder that you may have a 7 April 2018 Terminal Tax payment due. 

If you have Terminal Tax payable you should have received an email or snail mail IRD reminder letter from us by now.

If you haven't received a reminder it could be because you don't have an amount payable or you may have paid the Terminal Tax early.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you think you may have a payment due or are unsure because missing your Terminal Tax payment will result in penalties and interest from the IRD.

If cashflow is tight, we have an option. Through Tax Traders, our tax pooling partner, we can defer your terminal tax payment until the 19th of June 2018, from rates as low as 4.65%. 

By using tax pooling you avoid use-of-money interest and late payment penalties. Tax pooling is a safe and legitimate method of paying tax – all tax pools are IRD-approved and all funds are held by a Trustee (The Public Trust) . If you'd like more information, please email or call us  and we can discuss what's best for you.